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Mike FaricyBy landing on MikeFaricy.com, you’ve ferretted out the clues to finding America’s hottest new mystery writer. Minnesota native Mike Faricy is currently working on his seventh cross-genre thriller, creating yet another suspenseful crime caper populated by unforgettable characters working their way through twisting action-packed plots. Storyteller Faricy builds webs of crime and murder that sorely test his protagonists’ abilities and ingenuity. Their struggles attract all kinds of bad company, with nail-bitingly hazardous and darkly comic results.

Feel free to browse all of Mike’s books, available electronically through Amazon.com and Best Ebook Reader for download to your computer or other reading device, such as the Kindle. From Slow, Slow to The End of the Line, we think you’ll find enough thrills, chills, and crackling dialogue to keep you busy for many months.

Mike splits his time between Dublin and St. Paul (the settings for many of his books). He is a reporter and columnist for local publications when not writing or researching novels. You can find articles, stories and Irish travel disasters to read in their entirety on the “Other Writings” page. Mike loves to hear from mystery and crime fiction readers like yourself; drop him a line at mikefaricyauthor@gmail.com.

You found him–a new dealer for your mystery and suspense thriller fix. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often for news and new releases.