Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick

Slow, Slow, Quick, QuickAn hour after he learns his job has been eliminated, Hub Schneider receives an email from girlfriend, Monica, listing twenty two different reasons why she never, ever wants to see him again. He piles his meager possessions into his Ford Ranger and joins long time friend Val Harwood up in St. Paul. An eternal schemer and scammer, Val is running on financial fumes. He convinces Hub to drive him down to Florida where Val open’s the Moonlight Dance Academy. Things work out rather well for Hub and Val until they run afoul of their Atlanta connection, J. W. Brooks.

Hub falls for sheriff’s assistant Elke Evans, who is being stalked by an ex-lover. Complications arise, but not before Hub stumbles across a surprise that brings psychotic New Jersey mob enforcer ‘Crazy Bobby Falconi’ racing down to Florida. Murder, mayhem and a sprinkling of double-cross become the order of the day.

Once again Faricy’s eccentric characters and screwball situations make for an enjoyable, nonstop read. Hop on for another laugh-out-loud page turner from the Minnesota Master of the Bizarre.

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