Finders Keepers

Finders KeepersPerpetual screw-ups Austin and Andre Boothe decide stealing the local strip club’s nightly deposit from an armored car would be just the thing to augment their income. They’re in for a big surprise when a group of Chicago mobsters turn out to be involved and take the Boothe brothers’ get-rich-quick scheme personally.

The mobsters suspect someone is leaking inside information and pressure Austin’s former girlfriend, exotic dancer Celeste Desparde, into helping. Celeste tries to tell them, and anyone else who’ll listen, that the Boothe brothers aren’t master criminals, they’re idiots, but it turns out there’s a fine line between bone-headed and brilliant. Mob enforcer Gabriel Saventinni is brought in to bring things to a speedy conclusion, only to learn he’s on a bizarre date with disaster.

Zany brothers, ruthless mobsters, an exotic dancer, state police, a small town banker and fast paced action make this exciting Mike Faricy suspense thriller a real delight. Things start out crazy, go on to laugh out loud and end up ruthlessly wonderful.

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