End of the Line

End of the LineBusinessman Perkin Hoyt is a victim of the Great Recession, and a long trail of bad luck. He can’t even get an appointment, much less a loan, from the Second National Bank where he’s conducted business for the past thirty years.

Meanwhile across town, disbarred attorney Alfie Costello purchases a ‘hot’ laptop from Snort Hanson in a midnight, parking lot transaction. Alfie sells the laptop the following morning to handyman Christy Keenan. Unfortunately for Christy the laptop comes with all sorts of additional attachments; schemer and scammer Dallas Gornik, the inept Lewis brothers, hit man Morris Carney and crabby retired priest Father Owen Gillings.

An insane journey of comic ineptness and gonzo plans eventually joins Perkin and Christy as two of the more ‘sane’ individuals in another of Faricy’s bizarre worlds. It’s truly the End of the Line, the question is, for whom? Nonstop fun all along this enjoyable, page turning tale. A must read!

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