Baby Grand

Baby GrandChildhood pals and terminal losers Mickey Donnelly and Dell Dolan have come up with the ultimate pension plan. A series of poorly planned snatch-and-grabs go off course until it begins to dawn on them there just might be a better way. Pursued throughout this quirky tale by longtime nemesis and gangster Huey Evans, they barely survive the inevitable mishaps and wrong turns.

Between uncooperative husbands, tell-all mistresses and a mob contract, success doesn’t come easily. Still, Mickey manages to find time to become romantically involved. In the end, only their stupidity and comic ineptness can save them.

As usual, Faricy has spiced this madcap romp with a cast of riveting, not to mention, bizarrely quirky characters in a plot that winds and twists its way to a breathtaking conclusion. Careful, once you pick Baby Grand up, you won’t want to put it down.

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