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Dev Haskell Duo:
Two Novellas Plus Two Bonuses!

Novella #1: Twinkle Toes is the fast-paced search for an exotic dancer Dev knew in high school as his pink-haired prom date, “Twink”. He hasn’t seen Twink (now Zoe) since prom night, when they both fell asleep in the back seat of her father’s Caddy after Dev lost everything but his socks and his smile in a game of strip poker. Years later Dev suddenly gets a call from Zoe’s friend and co-worker because, “She said to call you if anything ever happened to her.” The friend thinks Zoe’s been kidnapped–she hasn’t been seen since she went to a “photo shoot” for a sleazy car dealership. Now Dev’s the best shot Zoe has. Twinkle toes crossed!

Novella #2: Dollhouse. When Dev’s “very close friend” Sallie decides to conduct an undercover investigation of the Dollhouse, Dev pitches an uncharacteristic hissy-fit. He even makes Sallie promise to text him a pre-arranged code to assure him she’s safe. Sallie’s a big girl, but Dev could be right about this one: the Dollhouse is an adult entertainment establishment with probable connections to local mob guy. You’d think the cops’d pay more attention to Dev’s complaint that he saw Sallie at the Dollhouse and knows she’s being held against her will, but they don’t seem to get it. What’s up with that?

Plus Two Bonuses!

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Russian Roulette: Case 1
Mr. Swirlee: Case 2
Bite Me: Case 3
Bombshell: Case 4
Tutti Frutti: Case 5
Last Shot: Case 6
Ting-A-Ling: Case 7


Volumes 1-3 in the Dev Haskell Private Investigator series. Russian Roulette, Mr. Swirlee andDev1to3cover
Bite Me in their entirety. The first three novels in the wise cracking, back slapping, babe magnet Dev Haskell series.
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Mr. Swirlee

Skirt-chasing, wise-cracking, dysfunctional Private Investigator Dev Haskell leaves his usual stool at the Spot Bar to take on what looks like a cakewalk job: keep ice cream mogul Mr. Swirlee alive. Turns out Mr. Swirlee is anything but a cakewalk… He’s a ruthless “entrepreneur” with a flash temper, a mean streak a mile wide, and a laundry list of people who want to do him in—including his sex-crazed girlfriend Lola.

Bite Me

Wise-cracking, back-slapping, sideways-thinking Private Investigator Dev Haskell is in the middle of dissipating a lover’s quarrel with his newest gorgeous knife-wielding female conquest when he gets a call. Members of KRAZ, a radio station that considers itself “the voice of America’s future,” need protection from an apparent death threat.


Dev8to10coverVolumes 8-10 in the Dev Haskell Private Investigator series. Crickett, Bulldog, and Double Trouble in their entirety. The eighth, ninth and tenth novels in the wise cracking, back slapping, babe magnet Dev Haskell series. Get it on Amazon


When the city’s laziest Private Investigator Dev Haskell spots his old flame Karen Riley in The Spot bar, she’s changed–for one thing she’s no longer Karen Riley, now she’s Crickett, and then there’s the stroller with ten month old Oliver. Dev hangs on and does the math: ten months plus nine months equals when?


When corner cutting, back slapping Dev Haskell loses his friend, Dermot Gallagher in what appears to be a random shooting he takes it personal. But the more he learns, the more questions seem to go unanswered. His old nemesis, local crimelord, Tubby Gustafson seems to be involved or is he? Then there’s ‘Fat Freddy’ Zimmerman, a criminal of underachieving and dubious reputation if ever there was one. Swindle Lawless enters, stripping up a storm under her new stage name, ‘Cougar.’ Jackie Van Dorn, Tubby’s attorney adds a special brand of polished sleaze to the entire affair…

Double Trouble

Work is slow for Private Investigator, Dev Haskell so he agrees to make collection calls to octogenarians past due on their coffin payments. He barely lasts the morning before he quits. On his way out the door Dev recommends “reformed” criminal Tommy Flaherty for the job. Since no good deed goes unpunished, that turns out to be a very big mistake and Dev finds himself taken for the ultimate ride.




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